Father Wayland

Traveling Priest


A very average looking young man: 5’10" with a short blonde haircut and intense blue-grey eyes. You’d be hard pressed to see him wearing anything other than his long dark cloaks and his black leather boots. Across the knuckles of his right hand is tattooed the word “HOLY.” His left hand is almost always adorned with a black leather glove. He always carries a large duffle bag on his back.

Wayland is known for being particularly kind. He addresses most people as “brother” or “sister.”


No one really knows where Wayland came from. He wandered into Purgatorium some 10 years ago as a child, beaten and bruised. He was found by Father Mordecai, who took Wayland under his wing. Wayland received training in the ways of the Lord within the Elysium walls.

Father Wayland is now well-known and respected among the residents of Purgatorium as an active member of the church and the community. If you were to ask anyone, they would tell you that Wayland might have been sent to Earth by God himself. Well, almost anyone – if you were to ask Maggot, he would tell you that Wayland is less than the puke on the floor of Necropolis.

When one of the Lord’s sheep is ready to return to their shepherd, Father Wayland is often called upon to guide them into the afterlife. If someone is found dead or murdered, Wayland is often the first to respond, saying a last prayer for the poor soul. He supports the community by allocating emptied living spaces to the homeless and bringing food to the poor. He is kind and respectful to all residents, even those who most consider low-lifes. There are some periods of time where Father Wayland will leave the city, to Father Mordecai’s distaste, to go on missions to smaller nearby settlements.

Father Wayland

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