Damien Nuriel Blaze


Male. Age 19.
Short. Dirty Mangled Blonde Hair. Wears Black sunglasses. Right forearm amputated and replaced with a flamethrower arm with a bayonet. Wears an orange t-shirt, jeans and a black leather jacket. Right arm of jacket is torn off.
When I’m not with my mission group I return home to my father. I’m rarely seen at the church or in public for that matter.


At a young age I lost my mother to fire. My father saved me, but was badly burned in the process. Most of our home was lost to fire, but our living room was always opened as a sanctuary to those who had lost something.

When I was about 15 I was selected for my first mission beyond the wall to gather intel for the council. My entire group was killed. I stumbled back to the gates covered in my own blood. 3 years later I awoke from a coma to find my right forearm had been amputated. In its place the barrel of a flame thrower with a bayonet. (Flame thrower only works when I wear a backpack with fuel and hoses which hook into my arm) I suffer from slight case of amnesia and cannot remember anything from my time outside the wall. I have spent the past year nursing my mental and physical self back to health under the care of my father.

Damien Nuriel Blaze

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