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Mental: Intelligence, Wits, Resolve
Physical: Strength, Dexterity, Stamina
Social: Presence, Manipulation, Composure


Mental: Computer, Investigation, Medicine, Science, Survival, Tactics
Physical: Athletics, Crafts, Firearms, Larceny, Melee, Stealth
Social: Charm, Empathy, Grit, Intimidate, Leadership, Subterfuge

Derived attributes:

Health: Stamina + 5
Willpower: Resolve + Composure
Damage: Strength
Armor: Lowest of Strength and Stamina
Defense: Lowest of Dexterity and Wits
Reflex: Dexterity + Composure
Detection: Intelligence + Wits
Trust: Presence + Manipulation

Inexperienced character (15 – 25 years old)
1 starting point in each attribute, 3/4/5 points to distribute
No starting point in skills, 3/6/9 points to distribute
Earns double experience points
4th and 5th points in a skill costs double

Experienced character (25 – 35 years old)
1 starting point in each attribute, 4/5/6 points to distribute
No starting point in skills, 5/8/11 points to distribute
Earns normal experience points
5th point in a skill costs double

Melee Weapons

Unarmed: -2 damage
Small weapon: -1 damage
Regular weapon: +/-0 damage
Two handed weapon: +1 damage
Oversized weapon: +2 damage, -2 to hit
Two weapons: +1 to hit


Small firearm: -1 damage
Regular firearm: +/-0 damage
Two handed firearm: +1 damage
Tripod firearm: +2 damage
Two firearms: +1 to hit
Pistol: -2 to hit long range
Rifle: -2 to hit in confined space
Shotgun: +1 damage short range, no damage long range

Special Weapons

Flamethrower: Short range, can disable opponent, goes through cover.
Grenades: Goes through cover, short range, area damage.


Light armor: -2 armor
Medium armor: -1 armor, -2 reflex, -1 defense
Heavy armor: +/-0 armor, -4 reflex, -2 defense, -1 to actions and can’t run
Power Armor: +1 armor, +1 damage
Shield: +1 to defense
Ballistic Shield: +1 armor, -2 reflex, -1 to actions

Scavenger Equipment

Geiger counter
Walkie talkie
Gas mask
Water filter straw
Med kit
Flash light

Combat Rules

D10 + Reflex for order of action
Dexterity + Skill to hit
Defense applies in Melee range
Damage + Successes – Armor
-2 to all actions if health bar is fully damaged
One Willpower is automatically spent per attack for a +2 bonus until all Willpower is spent.
Outside combat, willpower can be spent to retry a failed skill roll.

Melee Weapon Maneuvers
All out attack: Add lowest of Defense and Melee to hit, no defense until next action
Grapple: If successful, all further actions use Strength + Melee – Enemy Strength (only small weapons)
All out defense: Add Melee to Defense until next action, no action this round
Charge: Act last this round with +1 damage

Ranged Weapon Maneuvers (Can’t use in melee range)
Aiming: +2 to hit next action, no action this round
Spray: +1 to hit this round, wastes ammo.
Light cover: -2 to be hit
Heavy cover: -4 to be hit, -2 to attacks

Universal Maneuvers
Weak spots: -2 to hit for each armor point of enemy, ignore armor
Multiple attacks: -2 to hit per attack.
Stealth Attack: +2 to hit, no defense, no counter attack.

Hold action: Turn initiative negative for current round, lose free movement.
Sprint: Can’t attack, move twice the normal distance.
Speech: Initiate conversation instead of simple commands, can’t attack.
Creativity: Varying benefits and bonus XP

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