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  • Necropolis

    This bar is run by Hector who also brews the beverages. Due to the constant stress there are a lot of drunkards and bar fights in here.

  • Babylon

    Babylon serves many functions. It is the seat of the Elder Council, consisting of 9 members all above the age of 60. They are guarded by the Juggernaut, the First Power Armor. It is also the radio broadcasting center, sending out important information …

  • Apollo

    There are roughly 100 citizens working here to keep the power running, and making sure all the cables keep the city connected to the grid.

  • Elysium

    The church is also responsible for teaching the children what they need to know to become adult citizens. 20 priests and 50 teachers provide education to the 500 children of Purgatorium. Elysium is guarded by the Sentinel, the second Power Armor.

  • Sanctuary

    The constant flow of bodies in and out of the hospital makes it one of the busiest places in Elysium. The 100 doctors and nurses care for 250 patients in hospital beds and another 250 in home care. There are always priests here helping patients to Ascend …

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