Sole Survivor of Scraptown


Lanky/skinny from scavenging for food since the destruction of Scraptown
Early 20s
Short brown hair with grey throughout
Wears light armor-helmet and spiked shoulder pieces
Usually in a midriff shirt and shorts


Luisa was born in a brothel to a prostitute mother and a computer engineer father. She started from a young age as a courier for the brothel but became a prostitute herself in her early teens. She spent her time gleaning gossip from her johns or gambling. She had a close relationship with her father who taught her what he could about computers. Her relationship with her mother was more ‘big sister little sister’. After being rescued by Damien in the destruction of Scraptown, Luisa was forced to burn the bodies-some she recognized as her patrons. Because of this she has a distaste for human flesh and avoids any cult surrounding it. Her religious views are ambiguous however she does believe in the supernatural and wishes to be reunited with her parents in the afterlife. Luisa is a thrill-seeker and given to go to extremes for the hell of it. If life’s going to end she’s going out swinging. She carries brass knuckles given to her by her oldest patron, small knives she conceals on her person, and a small handgun.


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