Gregory Mallard

Scavenger Squad Leader


Gregory grew up in the Elysium under the supervision of the church. His father, Victor, was very active in the Military and was often sent off on scouting missions to further the cause of the Elder Council. Victor would visit his son every three weeks and would share all the wonderful stories of his encounters with the outside world. Tales of close encounters, broken chain of command, and comradery with his fellow squad members.
There was one story in particular that had a great impact on Gregory. Victor told him of a time when one of his squad members was taken hostage by some raiders and the Elder Council told him that there was no time for him to rescue the hostage and that he must leave him behind. Victor did whatever he could to save the hostage and suffered the consequences of the Elder Council.

There was a strong reaction from the Military praising Victor for his courage and sacrifice to save a fellow comrade.

The Elder Council, upon finding of his misdeeds, requested his presence to determine his fate. The meeting went on for hours and the council forgoed execution and decided that instead of eliminating Victor, he was a valuable asset, that they would play a huge part in molding his son, Gregory.

Victor was sent off on a “special mission” by the Elder Council and has not been seen since.

The indoctrination process at the Elysium church was supplemented with regular meetings with the Elder Council. Even though Gregory was indoctrinated heavily by the Council he still believed that his father was a good man. He looked up to him and thought him to be a very courageous and determined man. That you must treat your squad members as family. More than anything, Gregory learned to be more cautious than his father.

Gregory Mallard

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