Purgatorium is the settlement you live in with your fellow comrades, one of the few remaining beacons of humanity. The post apocalyptic Nuclear Winter that has lasted longer than anyone alive, and no one knows the true color of the sky anymore due to the dust clouds and radiation storms.

The settlement started as an abundant city for refugees, with plenty of warehouses to scavenge and fortified walls to keep raiders out. At that time, 50,000 survivors crowded the streets of the city. However, resources quickly started to run out and life became more and more miserable.

The immaculate Christian priests of Purgatorium delved deeply into Scripture and found new meaning. It was revealed to them that salvation awaits everyone in the afterlife, sinner or saint. No matter how you leave this earth, it is certain that you will go to heaven, where you can see the blue sky and suffer no more.

Purgatorium adopted Communism to divide the scarce resources evenly among all citizens, and by necessity children are raised in a communal fashion due to the high number of orphans. Pregnant women and children under the age of 5 spend their time underground to be protected from the high radiation levels.

The settlement is led by the loyal Elder Council, consisting of anyone above the age of 60, which despite the settlement currently having 2,000 inhabitants, tends to be a group smaller than 10. This Elder Council will listen to the voice of any citizen and reside in the tallest still standing skyscraper, Babylon. It is also the radio broadcasting center where vital information is transmitted to the citizens of Purgatorium.

The most common professions are scavengers, soldiers and fixers, and the ones that require further education are mechanics, healers and nuclear workers. The most prestigious jobs belong to the Guides: the Elders, priests, teachers and scientists. About one quarter of the population is under 15 and another quarter is hospitalized.

5% leaders (priests, elders, teachers, specialists), 100
5% nurse/doctor, 100
5% mechanic, 100
5% reactor worker, 100
10% soldier, 200
10% scavenger, 200
10% cleaner/fixer, 200
25% disabled/hospitalized, 500
25% children under fifteen, 500